When I last posted, we were roughly 72 hours from breaking ground. Now it’s just a few minutes away. In between we had a fun meeting between our architect, builder and excavator. We finalized a few thoughts about grading, about approach, about construction access. It was all pretty damn exciting.

Excavators always impress me. A great operator can do incredibly detailed work with a machine that looks designed for nothing but pure force and all-around wreckage.

We ended up having a fun discussion about the east side of our house and its retaining wall. I’ll describe the overall design more another time, but we’re on a gently-sloping hillside, so the retaining walls need to do a fair amount of work, while also creating a series of courtyards. But the east side walls, I think, will be particularly interesting. I love the way the slope–or at least the grading the excavator will need to do–creates a wedge of concrete…the way the wall blends with the ground.

Here’s a picture.

And speaking of pictures, more to come over the next few days.