One door closes, another opens. No, I’m not going to get too philosophical here, but the first part of excavation is coming to a close. And the first part of building the forms that will become a house and retaining walls is now beginning. So yes, progress continues. We’re having a hiccup here and there, mostly related to the four, yes, four sets of engineers that continue to ply their trade. This is time-consuming, but necessary if we want a building permit. Nothing to get too worried about though, and things will all be finalized within the next couple of days.

In the meantime, here are a couple of cellphone pics that show a bit of progress. It’s a beautiful day in Spokane today. When I popped up to the site at lunchtime, Stefane (sp?), who is helping to create the forms, was enjoying his meal in the sun. Not a bad place to be.