I know I keep saying this, but progress continues. By Wednesday we should have stem walls poured, as well as the initial pour of the tall retaining walls. Not too much new to show between now and then though.

Walking around the site the other day I couldn’t help but notice the obvious: there’s a lot of raw concrete, basalt, metal and wood lying around.

For once I had a proper camera with me (no offense to hardcore iPhone fanboys/girls), so took a few happy snaps with my camera in macro mode. It’s fun to look closely at such “mundane” materials. Yes, those quotes are on purpose. The materials are beautiful when you look closely, and in this way far from mundane. At least to me.

If you’re into this kind of idea, here’s a similar sentiment written by the peeps at Build. And one of my favorite architecture books, from one of my favorite architects, has some stunning passages about honesty of materials, which is kind of what I’m getting at with the pictures below.