The concrete forming marathon continues. The boys, with Carrie’s (not a boy) direction, continue to build away. The new day for the next pour is Tuesday (Monday’s a possibility), when they’ll fill all of the stem walls for the house, plus the first two feet of all of the retaining walls.

Out on the site, progress looks great. Walking in, the shape of the house is obvious. The entry sequence is apparent, and the scale of things is generally more obvious.

We’ve had a couple of challenges over the past week. Nothing to go into detail about, but I think it mostly comes down to a massive amount of form work, with a set of pretty technical plans that need to be built to a really high degree of accuracy. In other words, plenty of opportunity for disconnects.

There’s absolutely less flexibility when it comes to building with SIPS. If we were stick-framing–traditional construction using 2″ x 6″ lumber–we’d be able to make up an inch here or there if we ran into an issue in the field. Not so with SIPS. In the end a SIPS house will be great, but until then, lots of detailed work. As the saying goes though, it’s all good.

My friend Jake called today with a funny story. He popped out to check out the site and yelled down to one of the guys, “Hey, are you building a Wal Mart?”

The reply, and you need to imagine a thick Russian accent was, “No, not Wal Mart. Costco. I hope for free membership.”

If we get through this concrete work within budget, it’s free Costco memberships for everyone!

Bunch of pics today. Check out the photos with the giant pieces of rebar sticking up. Yes, that’s how tall the concrete walls will be.