Well, now that a month or two has been spent excavating a big hole, building footings, grade beams and walls, what’s left to do? Why, bury everything in soil of course.

Dan and Tom from Northwest Excavators spent Friday and Saturday backfilling the house and some of the retaining walls. They actually made quite a bit more progress than what I have pictures of. It’s pretty amazing–the “house” now looks more in scale with the land, etc.

It was pretty crazy to see a front-end loader driving along what will one day be a living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Our daughter and her friend Ian had fun checking out the trucks working away from their vantage point on the big rock. At least they were interested in this until the frozen soil was warmed by the sun, creating a giant mud pit. Let’s just say that their sneakers are no longer white.

So, now it’s on to plumbing, electrical, the radiant heat and more concrete form work. Maybe.

Last week I wrote something about the fact that saying I was excited about the board formed concrete was a giant understatement. Let me modify this. To say I’m nervous about the weather is a giant understatement. We’re supposed to have low temperatures in the single digits, 4-6 inches of snow by late-morning, and snow in the forecast for the next week at least.

The worst part? There’s nothing I can do about it. Not that I’m a control freak or anything.