This post has little to do with our project. I’m planning to take a few new photos today when I go check on things at the site and will put them up soon, but in the mean time, here’s something you should check out.

I’ve read about Samuel Mockbee and his Rural Studio, part of Auburn University, a number of times. A documentary about the late Mockbee’s work and program–Citizen Architect–had been on our Netflix list, and last night K and I watched the movie. Amazing. Inspiring. Human.

Rural Studio architecture students design and build housing for people living in Hale County, Alabama. The materials they use are recycled or donated. It’s clear from the buildings that there’s an impressive level of creativity, yet the homes are designed for the way the people they’re designed for actually live.

If you’ve been touched by poverty, or spent much time in areas where poverty is as rampant as it is in Hale County, I think the movie will be especially moving. And if you haven’t, I still think you’ll be impressed and affected.

Here’s a video clip of some of Mockbee’s work. This isn’t from Citizen Architect, but gives a flavor of the program.