The entry to the house will be stunning. We’ve been gaga for the entry hall design since we first saw it, but seeing the final roof panels being put in place, seeing the concept turn into reality, underlines how cool it will be.

As a reminder, you’ll enter along a 7 foot wide (roughly) walkway between the retaining wall and the garage. As you walk along it you’re under the shelter of the roof for about 50 feet, before you reach the front door. So it’s interesting because you’re covered, but in an unheated space. You’re both outside of the house, and in a way inside too.

(Click on these images to see a bigger version.)

That’s a long tunnel to walk through though, so Matt came up with a very slick design. He cut back the roof along the SIPs panel breaks to create a bit of a sawtooth, or dental, effect. The idea is it breaks up the lines as well as allows pools of sun or moonlight to filter through. Of course an idea on paper and the reality are sometimes different things. Not in this case though.

View from the north courtyard, marked "Court 1" on the drawing above.

I’m pretty thrilled with this. Can’t wait to see the entry when the rest of the panels are up.