Just try to get two six-year-olds to stop running. I dare you.

We had a tiring, but productive, weekend. Saturday morning my father and I met Jesse and my neighbor Doug on site for an extravaganza of heavy lifting. Totally macho. Or something.

Here’s the story. Our windows were delivered the same day as our concrete pour, which had been rescheduled from a few days earlier. So as a result there was nowhere to store the windows on site. Our good friends two doors away offered to allow us to store them in our garage. Problem solved!

Sort of.

The windows are massive. All the doors and most of the windows are eight feet tall. This makes for a very heavy window. The heaviest? Close to 500 pounds. Oh yeah, and we also have a pretty extensive window package. So not only are the windows hefty, but there are many of them.

But a few hours of work and the job was done.

So now it’s on to installation. Jesse is taking the lead on that and I hired a friend, Scott McSpadden, to help me with installation of the soffit. See the picture below, but we have 75 sheets of plywood for the soffit, which is the area under the roof. I love our house design, but it’s going to take a while to get this work done. We have a 2,190 s.f. house (plus the garage). And yet we have 2,200 s.f. of roof overhangs. Good times.

Finally, we’re just about through the big stuff with kitchen cabinets. We even mocked up our kitchen in our rental house. Fun stuff!

Here’s to a productive week.