Holy sore back. It’s been a physical couple of days out at the Meadow House and our entire crew is feeling it in one way or another. Installing giant windows and holding plywood above your head while standing on a scaffold in the rain is hard work. 10+ hours a day? Grueling.

But as usual, there’s an upside to so much suffering.

That upside is how the house looks. I’ll provide a more detailed post about the windows another time, but after a ton of research we chose Sierra Pacific as our vendor. And the windows look amazing. They’re vertical grain fir on the inside, with the outside clad in metal painted a terra-cotta/deep orange color. As an aside, Sierra’s sales representative, Joe Konzal, is seriously on his game and has been extremely helpful

Everyone from Matt Melcher to Jesse Oviatt to my father are completely impressed with Sierra’s product. They’re great to install, are extremely stiff, and the interior wood is immaculate. I guess it helps when the window producer is owned by one of the largest lumber companies in the Northwest.

K is also over the moon. It’s an incredible transformation. A few days ago the house looked like a sketch–the framing was done but there was little sense of a house that one day could be livable. Installing windows changes this completely. We have four more to install in the morning, and then we’re buttoned up. Well, mostly anyway…

Scott McSpadden and I took on the brunt of the soffit installation, with my father’s help making cuts on the saw and passing up materials. I’m also really pleased with how this is turning out. Tight joints, consistent work and all-around goodness.

The soffit was a big question mark for many months. There are a lot of materials options, ranging from tongue-and-groove cedar, to inexpensive fir plywood. Ultimately I sourced a rough-sawn mahogany (actually Okume) plywood made by Roseburg. It’s also quite reasonable at a bit less than a dollar per square foot.

This is absolutely beautiful material, and because we have such massive overhangs creates a striking look. Roseburg provided matching veneers, so we’re able to line up a really beautiful pattern. The repetition is fantastic.

Enjoy today’s happy snaps.