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Spokane Preservation Invitation

In 140-characters or less, tell me in 30 seconds, always-on kind of world, it bothers me that forums for thoughtful discussion seem to be on the wane.

Sure, some of us listen to Fresh Air during our commute or have a chat on a bike ride or golf course, but I always appreciate the chance to hear opposing ideas and the reasoning behind a defined point of view.

Given this, I was pretty excited to hear about two linked events happening next week centered on modern architecture.

On Wednesday, the MAC is hosting a free showing of Modern Views: A Conversation on Northwest Modern Architecture. I haven’t seen it, but the people I know who have were pretty blown away.

Modern Views: A Conversation on Northwest Modern Architecture from studio/216 on Vimeo.

Then on Thursday a round table discussion/Q&A is being held with a pretty awesome panel. Mortiz Kundig, who doesn’t get enough credit for his groundbreaking mid-century work (BTW, his son Tom has done pretty well for himself as an architect), Matt Melcher who designed our house, Steve Clark and Mark Dailey.

Go support the MAC and Spokane Preservation Advocates. See you there.

And a hat-tip to Anderson Mraz Design. Their work for Johnston Printing on its Proof! magazine issue dedicated to Spokane’s mid-century movement planted the seeds for this event.