Jesse and Scott finished something I find satisfying. Last week, they installed our final windows. These were ordered after the others for a number of reasons, but holy smokes they’re hot. We had become used to the idea of a dark bedroom. Well, four sets of 10′ tall windows changes that in a hurry.

Some other time we’ll have the set of metal caps, powder-coated the same orange color, installed. Sounds like this is an easy job, but there’s no rush.

In other news, the electrical work is moving along nicely. Can lights are installed, outlets are being wired, and Mike from Alpha Electric should wrap up his work by Wednesday. Very cool, and I will absolutely NOT miss stretching out 150′ of 12 gauge extension cord all over the place.

We also had a fun meeting with Matt Melcher this weekend to discuss some thoughts on drywall and trim details. You need to know that we’ve given a huge amount of thought to the myriad of ways to trim our windows, ranging from no trim–just a simple drywall “reveal”–to, well, I won’t go into all of the options now. To do this would make for an excruciating post that you wouldn’t read. But please, send us thoughts of support as we wade through the bog of indecisiveness.

Anyway…so we’re talking about trim and Matt gets into the zone. He gets more than a little excited about a detail involving lengths of simple 2″ vertical grain fir, butt jointed around one of the windows. Now, in case you’re not a cabinet dork (like me!) a butt joint is made when two pieces of wood “butt” against one another at a 90 degree angle.

But this was awesome. In his excitement and increasingly fast speech Matt exclaims, “I love a nice clean butt.”

I let it go. K let it go. Every now and then we pretend to be mature. Of course Matt left and we lost it.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t share a story like this, but I know Matt rarely reads this blog. Wait a minute…

Enjoy the pictures. I wish they did a better job capturing the bedroom corner. I’ll need to work on my iPhoneography.

And best wishes to Scott McSpadden, carpenter-extraordinaire, who is off to Alaska for 10 days of framing work in horrific conditions. Buona fortuna.