We reached a new milestone recently. Today, I refer not to windows or framing or electrical work. While we’ve reached milestones with all of those lately, what I’m referencing is you, fair reader.

Yes, we’ve now had a whopping 15,000 visitors to our fair blog. OK, so we’re not exactly at the top of most advertisers’ hit list, and we don’t have manufacturers offering us free products (but please, feel free!). Still, that’s a lot of people.

To commemorate this special day I did a quick scan of the search terms that bring people to our blog.

Surprisingly, by far the most common search term is some version of “board form concrete.” Or “board formed concrete.” Or “formed concrete with boards.” You get the idea … Who knew my excruciating posts about our retaining walls would be so popular?

A close second is an obvious one. “Meadow House.” Glad you could find us.

Scanning through other search terms made for some interesting reading. Here are some of my favorites, along with some requisite commentary, in no particular order.

“true to myself”: Not sure what to say about this. Just remember what you learned in kindergarten or something.

“love making chair with hole in the middle made by ikea”: Um, I was just at Ikea, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t see anything marketed as a “love making chair.” The more I think about this search term the more disturbed I become. Now if you care to get romantic with a chair, or on a chair, I’m sure Ikea has a number of items that are appropriate for your Scandinavian tendencies.

“gatto cucine”: In Italian this translates to “cat kitchen.” I hope this person wasn’t looking for a recipe.

“very narrow house”: Hey, this one makes sense! We have one of these!

“16 feet wide floor plans”: See above

“nike child labor 2011”: Not so sure what to say about this other than to request Nike send any labor of any kind our way. We’re over budget and can use the help.

“smaller house with big windows”: Why yes, we do have a smaller house with big windows.

“what is a grade beam”: Do you want the technical answer or the practical one? Practical? OK. A grade beam is a giant money magnet that prevents you from buying cool things like fancy appliances or plumbing fixtures. If you want the technical answer read this post.

matt melcher golf”: The rumor is that Matt is a fantastic golfer. But sorry, he’s not allowed to play golf. He’s too busy taking calls from me.

“how to install exterior v.g fir window”: If you haven’t done this before, it’s more involved than you’d think. Unless you want your windows to leak. Then it’s easy. Drop Jesse Oviatt a line. He can help you. (email him: oviattconstruction at live dot com)

Thanks for reading and commenting and visiting. It’s been fun to share our stories.