Looking through the kitchen towards the living room.

There are a few things of interest to me today.

Let’s get to the big thing first. After waiting and planning and rescheduling and tinkering and blocking and venting and inspecting and taping, it finally happened.

Yes, today we started work on drywall. And when I say “we,” I really mean others. (Cue applause.) It’s an exciting day in the Palisades above Spokane. Yes, today marks the moment that our future house shifts from being coated in sawdust, to being coated in gypsum dust.

It’s early days–the crew only started at about 11 today–but already there’s progress and our living room and kitchen are suddenly bright. Really, it’s like someone suddenly turned on the lights.

By the weekend we’ll have a fundamentally different looking house.

Next up for milestones, Jesse installed the front door today. Not only is it a great door, but we’re now completely closed in. That seems significant to me.

Finally, if you’re a loyal reader you might remember the cute gosling from Mother’s Day. Well yesterday–yes, Father’s Day–I took a new picture. Little guy is growing up. Very cool stuff to see, and a crack up to watch because it’s gangly and awkward. Just like any good teenager.