Dark gray siding. Fir posts and beams. Galvanized metal. Orange windows.


There’s been big entertainment out at the job site.

First, we’re deep into siding. A four-day weekend created opportunity for a lot of labor from our end. I worked away with Jesse on Friday, Kristy and I picked things up over the weekend, then Jesse spent the 4th of July with us instead of relaxing at the lake like normal people.

Can you blame him though? Can you imagine anything more inspiring, fun and invigorating than roasting in the sun with me, K and a nail gun? Didn’t think so. But seriously, thanks Jesse.

The siding looks incredible. We’re using Hardie lap siding. This is fantastic stuff made from fibercement, which is a good choice for us given fire concerns and the impressive range of weather conditions we get in Spokane.

The one concern with Hardie is the toxic dust created when it’s cut. But there’s a nice fix for this. Behold, the Rigid fibercement saw. This is a slick little unit that has a built in vacuum system that suck up the dust as the blade cuts. Very cool and very handy, especially in places where our sloped roof meets the wall, which requires making long cuts along a thin piece of siding. Totally worth $169. And I might decide to keep it (vs. selling it at the end of the project) since it might be nice to use as a 5 1/4″ trim saw with a built in dust collector.

The best part is that this model is called the “Fuego.” This is spanish for fire. Every time I used it the phrase, “yo soy en fuego,” kept popping into my head. Fire. Fire. Fire. I am on fire.

Anyway, below are some early pictures of our work. More to come.

And before signing off, check out K’s new high heels. I’ve known

for a long time of her fetish for couture footwear, but this is going a bit far, don’t you think?

Only K could get away with this. I'm not sure Craig would have quite as much patience with me.

Extension cords and concrete floors. What could possibly go wrong?