The view from L's room. Once pavers are in this will be quite stunning.

There’s been a lot going on in our lives lately, hence the lack of blog posts. The good news about working non-stop is that we’re making progress. This is a good thing, because K and my father are exhausted every night from their efforts, and the grind of a regular (and then some) work day plus a bunch of hours of house work occasionally wears on me too. We’re pushing hard to move in by the end of August. No rest for the weary!

The house looks damn good. And when I say damn good, I mean DAMN good. Really.

K in particular has been a machine. In the past week or two she’s just about finished painting the outside of the house. By hand. No sprayer. She’s sanded every beam in the house and applied three coats of polyurethane. She’s scubbed the floors Cinderella-style. And she’s applied five coats of spar varnish to the front door. I’m leaving out a bunch of things, but you get the idea. Machine.

Even though everyone has their noses to the proverbial grindstone the mood seems good at the house and we’re having fun. My father is doing painstaking work on the trim and occasionally treats us to a tirade of profanity. Do profanity and trim carpentry go hand in hand? In my experience? Yes.

Earlier today I was on the way back from the lumber yard with a giant load of vertical grain fir and Baltic birch plywood in a borrowed trailer. It took me 40 minutes to get home because the trailer was a half-inch too short to fit the birch, causing me to angle them over the side of the trailer. So I drove along at 30 mph max.

Two miles from home I heard a big whoosh, and looked in the rear view mirror to find a five-foot by five-foot piece of birch sailing through the sky, then crashing to the ground and skidding along the tarmac. I pulled over to walk back to pick it up when a white Subaru pulled over. I was mortified when the bank inspector stepped out of the car. Um, yes, of course I know what I’m doing. And by the way, I may need an extra $32 in this month’s draw request.