Last night, while working away on the house K texted to ask if she should bring up dinner.

Of course!

She arrived with a satchel of goods and while I finished planing some wood, organized our first dinner at the house.

We feasted on bread with prosciutto, brie and grapes. Every once in a while this kind of thing is OK, and definitely tasty. Of course when it came to spreading the cheese we realized we didn’t have a proper kitchen knife. Remember, we haven’t moved in quite yet.

But that’s what Japanese pull saws are for, no?

Simple food. Simple pleasures.

All the major food groups were represented, including the Japanese snack group. And you have to dig the cheese knife.


L, considering the larger questions life begs of us. Note her plate. Yes, it's a piece of AA cabinet-grade beech plywood.

Everyone loves getting their picture taken with a mouth full of food. Even so, K always looks good.