Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Here’s a different take: Insanity is agreeing to be on a home tour where 400 people are expected to visit a house you’ve moved into just two weeks earlier. For perspective, see the below picture. This is the current state of my closet.

K would like a more fully-developed shoe rack, too. While I think this seems quite accessible, I suppose I could come up with something somewhat more refined.

Matt was interested in having us be on the Spokane Green + Solar Tour. We agreed, met the organizer Sarah McGovern and promised we’d have something ready in time for the tour. On September 18! Yep, insanity. By the way, check out Sarah’s company’s website where among other things you might find a pretty awesome rendering of our house. She’s talented and making a go of launching the kind of design business that Spokane desperately needs.

In fairness, everyone knows we’ll have just moved in and isn’t expecting a house in pristine and 100% complete condition. And the next two weeks will see all kinds of refinement. Closets built out and filled up. Kitchen cabinets installed. Patio pavers placed. Even a connection to the information superhighway. And all joking aside, we’re looking forward to being a part of the fun.

About the Green + Solar Tour. It should be pretty awesome. Two of our neighbors are also taking part. One neighbor has a home with just about every whiz bang piece of technology to make it “green” and energy efficient. Rastra blocks? Check. Terrarium? Check? Electric car? Check. Solar array the size of Nebraska? Check. In comparison our house is chartreuse at best.

Our other neighbor has an absolutely beautiful garden entry. Moseying along their front walkway leads to instant relaxation. It’s that inviting. Plus they have a geothermal system, lovely modern house design, and amazing cabinetry and overall design aesthetic. Nice.

If that’s not enough for you, the devastatingly handsome and witty duo of  Matt Melcher and Jesse Oviatt should be on hand to personally walk people through their design and handiwork. With that offer, how can you say no?

So if you’re in Spokane on September 18, pick up a couple of tickets. Should be fun. You can find information here. You can also buy tickets at Sun People Dry Goods.

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