I’ve been thinking more and more about K’s thought that each passing season will make the house feel like home. I really like this idea, and it should make for an exciting year. We’re most definitely heading towards winter. Yesterday morning I was enjoying a morning cappucino, reading the paper while L caught up on the latest high-jinks of Scooby Doo and friends. K was out on her ritual run. The meadow was covered in frost,  with a thick layer of fog barely beginning to rise. That’s life in the Palisades. Morning fog is a part of life during the winter months.

It was eerie, beautiful and altogether relaxing. Channeling the truth that the best camera is the one that’s in your hand, I snapped a quick pic from the kitchen with my phone.

We’ll have a more detailed post soon, but this weekend we made a quick trip down to the farming town of Spangle, Washington to pick up a buffet/sideboard/credenza K wants to refinish and turn into a much needed piece for the dining room. On the way back we couldn’t help but take a picture of the reader board on one of the few stores in Spangle. “Gitcher.” My new favorite non-word.

To read the sign you may need to click on the image for the big version. Funny stuff!