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A couple of people asked me for photos now that the forms are off. Not a lot of time today, but in fact there’s not much to update on anyway. We’re hoping to backfill soil around the foundation of the house today or tomorrow and start our underground plumbing, electrical and heat next week. Until then, here are a handful of happy snaps.



I’ve talked about board formed concrete a couple of times. Most in depth in this post.

To say that our concrete work is an important design element, or that we’re excited to see how the forming will come together, would be a giant, giant understatement.

The boys are stripping the plywood and cedar forms from our most recent concrete pour today, but here’s a quick preview of the board forming, and what it will look like. This is a pier attached to one of the (sexy) grade beams I talked about last week.

Next Monday is supposed to have a low of eight degrees. Damn cold. Perfect weather for pouring concrete. Right?