Armor on. Ready for battle.

There’s been satisfying entertainment value at the house recently. This is another way of saying that there’s a lot going on. From painting to siding, and applying lacquer to hanging doors, we’ve been finding ways to fill our time. Somehow the rest of life doesn’t seem to slow down either, but hey, it makes life interesting.

At the moment I don’t have the endurance to write a post about everything that’s been happening and it would require a serious attention span for you to read it. So let’s start with what went down two weekends ago.

After drywall wrapped up we spent a couple of days in a humid cloud of paint fumes, transforming the house from primer white to White Dove. What a difference!

Picking out a color, especially if said color is white, can be a bit torturous. Ultimately we settled on Benjamin Moore’s White Dove OC-17. We’re certainly not the first people to use this color and won’t be the last, but it’s a fantastic shade that has the right balance between shades of red (which can get too pink), blue (potentially too icy) and yellow (potentially too…urine-like).

It’s good to know we’re not the only ones over-thinking the right shade of white. Here’s a link to an article on Remodelista highlighting their favorites.

Rather than use Ben Moore paint though we bought our goods at Home Depot, using a Behr low-VOC option that was color-matched to White Dove. HD has this color in their computer so it’s a foolproof way to go. We’ve had good luck with Behr paint and it’s about 50% less expensive. Given that we sprayed over 40 gallons this isn’t an insignificant savings.

We sprayed the paint using my father’s Titan 440i sprayer. My dad sprayed, I backrolled the ceilings and Kristy took care of the walls. If you’re new to this process here’s how it works. The first person sprays. We started on the ceilings, then worked down in sections. The person rolling can fill in any spots that was missed by the sprayer, and the rolling creates a very smooth, hard surface once it dries.

For our 2,200 s.f. house, two coats took two long days. Even with high quality respirators (Sherwin Williams is a good source for these) we all had white paint end up on a kleenex when we blew our noses. Thankfully this isn’t a career for any of us.

So how do things look? Amazing. White Dove. Much love.