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The last symbol of fall.

On the way to work today it hit me like a ton of bricks. The season is changing, and changing quickly. As I drove past a grove of aspen, the road was more green and yellow than black asphalt. And while there are still vibrant colors, especially on some of the bigger trees, we’re definitely past the autumn foliage peak.

I hope she writes a more expansive post about this some other time, but last week K and I were talking about whether the house now feels like a home. This is a question we often get from friends and family. K’s thought–and I quite like this–is yes it’s feeling like home, but you don’t really know a house until you’ve lived with it through the seasons.

We’re heading into the tail end of our first season together in Spokane’s Palisades. And it’s indeed feeling like we have a home.

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A few months ago Matt gave me a call, asking whether I could check my e-mail.

“Well, sort of, but I’m walking down the street to have lunch with K.”

“Are you sure you can’t look now?”

“Well, I can look on my phone. What’s up?”

“Just something I’d like you to check out, and I think you’ll like.”

Matt’s surprise was a series of wireframe renderings he had put together (in fact I think his intern did these, but whatever). Looking at the renderings on an iPhone didn’t do them justice, although that didn’t stop us from huddling around my phone for an hour over lunch.

One dimensional floorplans and elevations are great. K and I are pretty good at interpreting architectural drawings–at envisioning how things will look when they’re built. Still, there’s no replacement for perspective drawings.

After all, we can all use a little perspective in our lives.