This might be the first post we’ve put up this year. Somehow life has gotten in the way of blogging, which is really too bad because I just looked back at some old entries, and was struck with the memories they evoked. Without the frequent postings we would have forgotten so many details already.

The real reason for today’s post is to share a few pictures with friends, and it seemed more convenient (and courteous) to put them here than to send a giant email.

We’ve been hard at work the past few weekends building a gate to our entry corridor.

Why a gate you might ask? Sacha the dog has developed a bad habit of going outside at night, and disappearing for 45 minutes at a time. While some might be concerned about coyotes eating her like to so many Fritos, our concern is a bit different. It seems that she’s been running around to the various neighbors’ compost heaps, snacking away, then coming home and throwing up in our room. At 2 a.m. of course. Lovely.

We had actually talked about a gate in this location since the design phase anyway, but the project was accelerated by our Weapon of Mass Destruction. The gate is a nice touch, and adds another “layer” to the entry and approach to the house, which is cool.

So, 9 feet tall, 7 feet wide, and a pivot hinge fabbed up with parts from the Home Depot plumbing aisle. And man oh man it looks bad-ass. We’re really pleased with how it turned out.

On a related note, we’ve also started work on prepping planting beds on the north side of the house.

All of this is a long way of saying, enjoy the pictures. And to Matt, Jesse, Scott and my father, thanks a million for everything you did for us last year. You created something pretty extraordinary.

Outside, looking in.

Yep, we still love the concrete.

Some ferns, hostas and other shade-loving friends, now live under the roof cutouts.